New Ombudsman Program

What is an Ombudsman?

An ombudsman helps employees deal with concerns and complaints by providing independent, impartial, and confidential assistance and dispute resolution to employees.

What does an Ombudsman do?

  • Listens to understand the issue from the perspective of the employee.
  • Helps individuals focus on potential options to meet the interests of all parties.
  • Guides individuals through role playing to deal directly with other parties, including formal resolution resources.
  • Refers individuals to appropriate resolution resources that can potentially resolve the issue.
  • Facilitates informal resolution processes between parties to resolve issues.
  • Identifies new issues and opportunities for change within the organization.


What doesn’t an Ombudsman do?

An ombudsman doesn’t participate in formal investigations or play any role in a formal issue resolution process. An ombudsman doesn’t make binding decisions or mandate policies.

Arielle Faith Michael, Holistic Care Services Manager, is North Hawai’i Community Hospital’s Ombudsman. She is trained and certified through the International Ombudsman Association. For more information or to set up a one-on-one meeting, please call x4416 or email



  √ Independent

  √ Impartial

  √ Informal

  √ Confidential

Know your options!

The Ombudsman Office is a safe space to “think out loud” about resolving issues.

Helping you get to the heart of the matter is what matters most!


Compassion in action... for matters of the heart