CenteringPregnancy® is a new way to receive prenatal care...

    LEARN about your baby, your body, childbirth and parenting.

    JOIN other expectant moms, partners, and support people to discuss pregnancy
    problems and solutions in a group setting with refreshments.

   TRACK your baby’s growth and your own pregnancy progress.


What is CenteringPregnancy?

North Hawai'i Health & Wellness Women's Center is excited to be the only OB/GYN practice on the Big Island offering moms-to-be the option of a group approach to prenatal care known as CenteringPregnancy.  CenteringPregnancy offers a group approach to prenatal care, combining three essential elements of care every pregnant woman needs: health assessment, education and support. You will be in a group with other women whose due dates are close to yours.  In each of the 10 sessions, you will also have a private time with your healthcare provider.


How does CenteringPregnancy work? 

Approximately 10 to 12 expectant moms meet for 10 two-hour sessions starting in the first trimester of pregnancy.  Moms-to-be have an opportunity to share stories and learn from one another and talk about health issues that are important to you and what you’re going through – physically and emotionally.  Each two-hour session is led by a Women’s Center certified nurse midwife and childbirth facilitator.  

You will receive a schedule of all group times before your first meeting.  This makes it easy to arrange childcare or meet work obligations.  Plus, you won’t need to take additional birthing classes; it’s all covered in your group sessions. 


What happens during a group CenteringPregnancy session?

Each session includes refreshments and begins with an individual health prenatal assessment, which includes taking your own blood pressure and weight and entering this information into your personal chart.  

The majority of your session is focused on group discussion with semi-structured topics, such as nutrition, common pregnancy complaints, and labor and delivery concerns. You will receive information and tools to help you make healthier choice for you, your baby and your whole family.  


What are the benefits of CenteringPregnancy?

There are many benefits to receiving prenatal care through the CenteringPregnancy approach:
-    More time spent with your healthcare provider
-    Your partner's participation in your prenatal care by attending group sessions
-    Creation of a community for moms-to-be
-    Focus on a woman’s own experiences and sharing these experiences with each other
-    More involvement in your prenatal care
-    More likely to deliver healthy, full-term babies
-    More likely to breast feed longer


How to participate in CenteringPregnancy 

In order to participate in Centering Pregnancy at the Women’s Center, you simply need to be a Women’s Center prenatal patient. Please call 885-9606 to learn more about becoming a patient.


What is the history of CenteringPregnancy?

CenteringPregnancy was piloted in the early 1990s by Sharon Schindler Rising, a certified nurse midwife, who initiated centering groups in a hospital clinic, community health center and a private office in Connecticut.  The CenteringPregnancy model is a recognized prenatal option and meets all the necessary requirements for insurance reimbursement. The centering model of care also includes CenteringParenting®, CenteringDiabetes® and CenteringLifestyle®.  For more information, please visit  



Please contact the Women’s Center Centering Program coordinator at 881-4669.