Breast Health Program


At North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH), our goal is to assure that health and wellness are accessible to all. We are proud to offer patients access to not only the latest cutting-edge technology in digital mammography but also a new Breast Health Program.

NHCH’s Breast Health Program offers our patients:

  • access to the latest cutting-edge technology in digital mammography
  • a more comfortable experience
  • shorter exam time, less exposure to radiation
  • faster image analysis and ongoing support
  • board certified radiologists
  • technologists registered with mammography specialization
  • accredited in MRI Breast Imaging and Mammography



NHCH is proud to offers our patients access to the latest cutting-edge technology with Siemen’s MAMMOMAT Inspiration digital mammography machine with stereotactic biopsy capabilities.   

The MAMMOMAT Inspiration captures breast images with x-ray that converts images into a digital picture which can be displayed immediately on the technologist’s computer monitor while the patient is still in position.  This allows our technologists the ability to review the x-ray in “real time” to determine image quality. Once completed, the images are sent  electronically to one of our Board Certified Radiologists.  Much like a digital photo, the images can be enhanced, manipulated, and improved by the radiologist, providing more information for diagnosis.



We strive to offer an exam experience that is supportive and friendly by providing a warm and inviting atmosphere, personal attention, professional expertise and lots of aloha.

Plus, the MAMMOMAT Inspiration digital mammography machine features intelligent breast compression technology, which helps to ensure our patients comfort.  This compression technology has an automatic sensor that provides adequate compression for an optimum image. This, in turn, offers our patients a more comfortable experience with a shorter exam time and less exposure to x-rays.



Images can now be produced more quickly, helping to decrease our patients’ anxiety.  In addition to screening and diagnostic mammograms, the MAMMOMAT Inspiration can also offer stereotactic biopsy procedures which can be performed on the same machine. 

Should an abnormal reading be discovered during the exam process, NHCH radiologists are now able to expedite any additional testing and, if necessary, perform a minimally-invasive biopsy to establish a diagnosis. NHCH’s Breast Health Program now minimizes patient anxiety by providing rapid and accurate diagnosis close to home.  Previously, a patient needing stereotactic biopsy was referred to Hilo or off island. 

We understand the value of a fast response and fast answers. Not knowing is not ok.

When additional follow-up is required, NHCH’s new Breast Health Program will support patients by arranging referrals to Hawai‘i Island healthcare providers.  We now have the technology, processes and relationships in place which allow us to consult rapidly with women’s health specialists on Oahu, resulting in quick and effective diagnosis and treatment.



According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, which is the most common form of cancer in women. Early detection is key in treating breast cancer.  Mammography can help detect breast tumors at their earliest, most treatable stages.



Our Breast Health Program is located in the Imaging Department at
North Hawaii Community Hospital
67-1125 Mamalahoa Hwy.
Kamuela, HI 96743



Monday through Friday      8 am to 4 pm


Phone: 808-881-4884
Fax:   808-881-4896