New Equipment Offers Improved Clinical Care
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012



One of our priorities in 2011 was to update essential clinical equipment throughout the hospital.  It was important to direct the resources required to upgrade out-dated equipment with state-of-the-art equipment. 

We are happy to report NHCH has exceeded this goal by acquiring several pieces of new clinical equipment.  In doing so, not only did we improve clinical care and patient safety, but our staff received training in state-of-the-art clinical technologies that are the standard of care.

1. Digital IV Pumps - 50+ state-of-the-art digital IV pumps are now in use throughout the hospital, making patient safety a top priority with features that reduce potential medication errors. (pictured above on right)

2. Golvo Patient Lift - this mobile patient lift helps to easily move patients in/out of bed and wheelchairs, while keeping our staff safe.  

3. Belmont Rapid Infuser - is a “super charged” IV pump that provides warmed IV fluids and/or blood at rapid rates to assist in fluid resuscitation of critically ill or injured patients.

4. Pyxis MedStation machines - eight state-of-the-art Pyxis MedStations located around the hospital offer automated dispensing medication management to help ensure accuracy and efficiency. 

5. Cardiac Monitors - 46 new cardiac monitors offer high-performance monitoring for critical and intermediate care settings. (pictured above on left)

6. Fetal Monitoring Equipment - offers updated technology to mothers, plus three new portable monitors allow moms to shower, be in a tub or walk around while monitoring the baby.

7. OR Microscope - designed for spine and neuro micro-surgeries, this versatile equipment can also be used in plastic, reconstructive and ENT surgeries. This unit allows extreme detail in the operated area via an attached video camera system.

8. Direct Digital Fluoro Unit - enables our imaging techs to move faster, as they will instantaneously see each x-ray image (no longer handling individual cassettes to obtain x-ray images).   Plus, this unit enables the Imaging Department to do bariatric studies.

9. Digital Mammography machine - Siemens’ Inspiration digital mammography machine with stereotactic biopsy capabilities not only offers state-of-the-art technology but also offers women a more comfortable exam experience.

10. Direct Digital YSIO Unit – Siemens’ direct digital YSIO machine in our imaging “trauma” room will also enable our imaging techs to move faster, as they will instantaneously see each x-ray image and not handle individual cassettes to obtain x-ray images,  helping to save precious time when it matters most.  

Please stay tuned for more details regarding our new imaging equipment.