2011 Employee of the Year - Kalani Haina
Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2011

Congratulations to Kalani Haina for being selected as NHCH’s Employee of the Year for 2011. Kalani is an ER Technician in NHCH’s Emergency Department and has been an NHCH employee since 2001.

Kalani, employee of the month in October, was selected as NHCH's Employee of the Year by the hospital executive team.  Several of his co-workers shared: “Kalani always takes initiative, sees what needs to be done and gets it done!”  “He epitomizes an exemplary employee” and “Kalani is always extremely positive, very kind and gentle with patients.”

In addition to all of the contributions Kalani makes at NHCH, he is also a volunteer with the Hawai‘i Fire Department and serves in the National Guard (with multiple deployments in the Middle East). 

NHCH truly appreciates Kalani’s caring attitude and the good example he sets both at work and in our community. He is a wonderful asset to NHCH and our North Hawaii community.