September Employee of the Month - Cynthia Lewi
Posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Congratulations to Cynthia Lewi for being selected as NHCH’s Employee of the Month for September 2011. Cynthia is Unit Secretary & Registration in NHCH’s Emergency Department.

Cynthia has been an NHCH employee since we opened in May 1996.  Her co-workers shared the following glowing comments about her: “At a job where things can be hectic and chaotic, her position at the “helm” shows a peaceful steadiness”.  “Her relentless calm demeanor sets the appropriate tone for the ER.  No matter how intense the ER gets, Cynthia handles every situation professionally and with impressive confidence and competence.”  And lastly, “Cynthia treats every patient like they’re a member of her own family.”

NHCH appreciates Cynthia’s calm and professional demeanor under pressure which makes her a wonderful role model.  NHCH is proud to honor Cynthia Lewi as “Employee of the Month” in September 2011.