Hilo Community of Christ Church Donates Prayer Blankets
Posted on Monday, August 29, 2011

NHCH is overjoyed by the recent donation of 60 hand sewn prayer blankets from the Hilo Community of Christ Church. Mahalo to the Hilo Community of Christ congregation for your special donation.

NHCH’s offers several different Holistic Services to patients, one of which is our Prayer Blanket Ministry, where colorful lap blankets are sewn by the community, blessed by churches around the Big Island and given to patients. Filled with heart-centered prayers and positive intentions, these blankets are given to patients for them to keep.

We are grateful to the Hilo Community of Christ congregation for donating prayer blankets to NHCH and appreciate the time, effort and energy spent on each and every blanket. Watching the faces of patients light up upon receiving a prayer blanket and sharing with them the story behind its creation, just for them, is nothing short of unforgettable.

For more information on donating prayer blankets or monetary donations towards our Prayer Blanket Ministry, please contact Arielle-Leah Michaels, Director of Holistic Services at NHCH.