Ambassador of Aloha - Alcy "Shorty" Johnson
Posted on Friday, August 19, 2011

Alcy "Shorty" Johnson started volunteering at NHCH on April 11, 1996, even before NHCH officially opened in May 1996.  Shorty, as he preferred to be called, manned the Information Desk in the front lobby of NHCH on Friday mornings. His warm smile and positive personality made him a true Ambassador of Aloha. Shorty was extremely helpful in assisting visitors find their way to various departments and answering their questions. 

In the morning, Shorty made it his daily mission to search the hospital to locate the hospital’s missing wheelchairs which are kept in the front lobby.  When I would greet him at the beginning of his shift, he would proudly tell me where he had 'recovered' the missing wheelchairs: out in the parking lot, in the Lucy Henriques Building and even in closets.  He became quite the detective and felt a deep sense of accomplishment to bring the missing wheelchairs back to the lobby.

In his final years, Shorty’s eyesight was not as sharp yet that did not deter him from carrying out his volunteer duties. Our PBX operator would print the patient census in extra large font and Shorty would use a magnifying glass to read the information so he could assist families and visitors inquiring about loved ones at the hospital. Shorty was loyal to the hospital to the very end. He passed away on June 12th, 2011 at NHCH.

The two trees on either side of our front lobby doors were faithfully watered by Shorty. I like to think that a part of him lives on in those trees. He was a beautiful light and his Spirit of Aloha will always be an eternal part of our healing environment at NHCH.   

Written by: Arielle-Leah Michael, Director of Holistic Services & Volunteer Program at NHCH