Hospital Debuts Healthy Popsicles and Broth for Patients!
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


North Hawai'i Community Hospital Nutritional Services staff is now making healthy, homemade fruit popsicles and beef broth for inpatients. The popsicles are made with only fruit, coconut water, and agave nector and with no added colors or additives. This is especially important for patients who are undergoing certain procedures or are sensitive to dyes and additives found in commercial popsicles.  Watermelon and lime are the first flavors with additional flavors expected.

 One of NHCH's Certified Nursing Assistants shares a light moment with one of the first patients to get a homemade watermelon popsicle.  
The nutritious, homemade beef broth, made from bones that are cooked for over 24 hours, replaces packaged broth that often lacked full flavor. “Helping our patients stay hydrated and nourished helps in the healing process,” said Angie Koclanes, Nutritional Services Manager.  “If a more flavorful popsicle or cup of broth helps them do that, then it is well worth the extra effort.” The Nutritional Services staff has already mastered the techniques and packaging so that the items can be made just once a month and frozen in individual portions.  The Engineering Department helped in the process by modifying a large stockpot to more easily handle the large quantities of bones and broth.   
  Nutritional Services staff member preparing individual portions of healthy, homemade broth.