Music to Play to Announce Hospital Births
Posted on Monday, September 21, 2015

As of Monday, Brahms’ lullaby plays in the halls of North Hawaii Community Hospital each time a baby is born in the hospital’s Family Birthing Unit.

Hospitals are generally filled with people who are very sick, with both patients and staff facing difficult issues. “Hearing the lullaby tells everyone that a new life just entered the world. Remembering that there is a cycle of life, even when things around us are tough lifts everyone’s spirits,” said Miki Simms, Director of Nursing and Assistant Administrator.

Almost 500 babies are born each year at North Hawaii Community Hospital so it is expected that the famous lullaby will play at least once daily. The 9-second segment of the lullaby was chosen for its worldwide recognition and its association with babies and new life. “Hearing the lullaby brought a feeling of joy knowing that a new baby just entered the world right here in our hospital,” said Mary Funada, a long-time nurse in the Critical Care Unit.