NHCH and Queen's Enter Into Agreement
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Queen’s Health Systems (Queen’s), corporate parent of The Queen’s Medical Center, announced Tuesday, June 25th that it has officially entered into an agreement with North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH).  This agreement will allow Queen’s to explore the possibility of a formal affiliation with our hospital, as well as conduct  in-depth due diligence into physical and regulatory requirements on next steps before moving forward.

The Queen’s Medical Center has had a clinical affiliation with us since 2005. 

“Queen’s remains mindful and dedicated to our mission to provide in perpetuity quality health services to improve the well-being of Native Hawaiians and all the people of Hawaii,” said Art Ushijima, President of The Queen’s Medical Center.  “North Hawaii Community Hospital shares a similar mission.  Founded in 1859 by Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV, Queen’s has served its mission of providing quality healthcare services for over 153 years. If given the opportunity, we would dedicate ourselves to serving the people of North Hawaii with the same standard of excellence that has been the foundation of our founders’ values and vision.”  

The specific nature of any affiliation between Queen’s and North Hawaii will be determined and announced after due diligence is completed.  That process is expected to take between 90 and 120 days. Both organizations have signed confidentiality agreements.

“We are very encouraged about the possibility of a formal affiliation with The Queen’s Health Systems,” said Bob Momsen, NHCH Board of Directors Chairman since 2008.  “Queen’s was instrumental in the founding of NHCH, in the early fund raising, and has consistently been very supportive of the needs of NHCH and our North Hawaii community over the years.  Affiliating with Queen's will dramatically improve our ability to fulfill our mission:  Improving the health status of the people of North Hawaii.”