Donations Touch Many Lives
Posted on Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Island Yarn and Art Supplies store continues to support NHCH patients with another heaping donation of over 50 handmade knit and crocheted hats and crocheted comfort dolls and toys. 

More than 430 patients have received a handmade knit or crocheted hat from Island Yarn and Art Supplies and their customers in the past three years. Island Yarn and Art Supplies collects yarn donated by customers and offers this yarn back to customers who create projects which are then donated to the hospital and given to patients. “We are so grateful to Island Yarn and Art Supplies and their customers for giving their time and talent in making these hats.  Because of them, our healing environment is more special,” says Arielle Faith Michael, Holistic Care Services Director. 

Donated items are distributed throughout the hospital and are given to patients as part of our complimentary holistic care services. “We visit patients daily in Oncology, Med Surg, CCU and ER, offering complimentary holistic care services, including prayer blankets, aromatherapy, energy work (Reiki and Healing Touch) and Island Yarn and Art Supplies handmade donated hats, stuffed animals and comfort dolls,” says Arielle.  “Their beautiful colors and soft yarn warm patients and lift their spirits,” says Arielle. “From hats gracing the heads of newborns and providing comfort to cancer patients going through chemo to comfort dolls helping scared children in the ER and helping an elderly patient sleep, donations like these touch many lives at NHCH.” 

“Mahalo to Island Yarn and Art Supplies and their talented crafter,  Judy Roos, Christy Phillips, Sherry Heins, Emily Harwell, Stephanie MacDonald and Kimberly Cox Carnel, who generously donated their time and energy creating such special items for patients,” says Arielle. 

Debra Repasky opened Island Yarn and Art Supplies in October of 2009 to provide a sense of community where like-minded, creative people could enjoy the company of others, while being surrounded by creative materials, ideas, and classes. Island Yarn and Art Supplies offers a full array of student and professional art supplies, plus knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving supplies, including yarn.  They also offer classes on several creative topics, including oil painting, knitting, crocheting and much more.  

For more information about Island Yarn and Art Supplies store located in Kailua Kona or to donate yarn, please visit  Or if you have questions about our Holistic Care Services, please contact Arielle Faith Michael, NHCH Director of Holistic Care Services, at or 808.881.4416.