NHCH Partners with UCSF Physician on Lung Disease Clinic
Posted on Tuesday, July 03, 2012

On June 21st, NHCH hosted a special one-day outreach clinic for patients with severe lung disease thanks to Jeffrey Golden, MD, and Director of the Advanced Lung Disease Program at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

With only nine lung transplantation medical centers in the western United States, patients with severe lung disease in Hawai‘i are forced to travel to the mainland and visit one of these lung transplantation centers for evaluation. Typically these patients are on supplemental oxygen making travel to a mainland medical center on commercial flight with oxygen a daunting proposition for these patients and their families.  The UCSF Outreach Clinic at NHCH makes this initial lung evaluation much easier on the patient and their family, who naturally want to be there for this first important visit.  Dr. Golden worked with NHCH’s Pulmonologist, Dinah Bukowski, M.D., to make this outpatient clinic a reality at NHCH.

This special one-day clinic, hosted in NHCH’s Adult and Family Medicine Clinic, focused on identifying patients with severe lung disease who may be good candidates for lung transplantation, which could drastically increase a patient’s quality of life.  Patients who are not yet ready for transplant but have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis for which there is only experimental drug therapy, were also evaluated for possible inclusion in a drug study.   

Dr. Golden received his B.A. from Yale University and his M.D. from Washington University in St. Louis.  He received both his internal medicine and pulmonary subspecialty training at the University of California at San Francisco, as well as completing his pulmonary research training at UCSF’s Cardiovascular Research Institute.  Dr. Golden has been a faculty member of UCSF’s Department of Medicine for over 30 years and is currently the Director of the Advanced Lung Disease Program, Director of Clinical Research, Interstitial Lung Disease Program and Director of the Nina Ireland Lung Disease Center.  He also served as the Medical Director for the Lung Transplant program at UCSF for the past 25 years until he passed that role to his colleague Dr. Steven Hays in 2011.

NHCH and Dr. Bukowski look forward to hosting future outreach clinics for patients with severe lung disease through this new partnership with Dr. Golden, as well as with Dr. Steven Hays, Medical Director of Lung Transplant Program at UCSF. NHCH’s Pulmonologist, Dinah Bukowski, M.D., stated “forming this relationship with the Lung Transplant Program at UCSF is a great opportunity for our patients with severe lung disease on Hawaii Island.”  “Patients with severe lung disease are often suffering from a form of interstitial lung disease, which has over 100 different causes.  Dr. Bukowski continues, “making a diagnosis of this class of lung diseases is difficult and often times is best made by a consensus of physicians, pulmonologists, radiologists and pathologists.”  UCSF has such a group that meets each week reviewing such cases, and my goal is to have a working relationship with the group at UCSF so that our patients’ diagnosis and treatment options can easily be reviewed and expertly tailored,” says Dr. Bukowski. 

UCSF intends to follow up this clinic with 2 to 3 visits throughout the year, subject to demand.